Cannot delete invoice from Sage 300 AP Payment Entry screen


The customer has two invoices entered as separate entries in the Payment Entry screen in A/R Transactions and only wants to pay one invoice and not the other.

After paying the one invoice, they are both showing in the Payment Batch List total and cannot be deleted, or the delete button is grayed out.

How can the customer delete one payment and post the other?


“Allow Edit of System Generated Batches” is not selected.


  1. From A/P Setup > Options > Transactions Tab, select the check box “Allow Edit of System Generated Batches” and then “Save”
  2. Then from A/P Transactions > Payment Entry open the batch number.  Click next arrow (>) to open entry number and then the “Delete” button is now available.
  3. The Payment Batch List should now just show the one invoice amount paid, and can be posted