Jet Hub Success Story


Jet Hub

About JetHub

JetHub is a worldwide, on-demand charter service that offers private flights to more than 7,000 airports in the United States and abroad. The company utilizes the best aircraft operators, giving its clients access to the private jets they desire. JetHub’s executive team is dedicated to providing its clients the experience in private jet charter service that has been missing in the aviation industry. The JetHub team continuously evaluates the level of service they provide to their clients, making sure the client experience is beyond their expectation.


JetHub needed a better way to manage its customer information. The company had been managing some of its customer information with an industry-based, online quoting system. However, the quoting system was “wide open” to anybody with access to the system, leaving JetHub sales reps with no way to protect or secure their customer lists.

The other challenge was finding a way to support the distributed workforce that makes up the JetHub team. While the company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, its seven employees are spread across the country.

“There are only three of us in the same state, and we still all work remotely. We don’t have an office we go to. This is a completely virtual company,” said Kevin Lippert, president of JetHub. “I had to find a cloud-based system that would support our distributed workforce and help me protect my employees’ information – their client information – so access could be restricted to authorized users.”


In selecting an online CRM solution, Lippert relied on third-party experts for guidance when evaluating and selecting an online CRM solution. Ultimately, JetHub selected Zoho CRM due to its functionality, ease of use and customization, and price.

“I did not have any formal experience with a CRM system. I’m a newbie,” said Lippert. “Zoho CRM had everything I needed. And I like that we could customize it on our own – forms, layouts and labels, and all that was easy for us to customize, without any technical knowledge per se. And the price is very competitive.”

Lippert values the security levels that are built into Zoho CRM, which let JetHub easily grant or deny users access to any of its customer data. JetHub also integrated the industry quoting function into its Zoho CRM installation, customizing Zoho CRM to mimic the same industry-specific form layout presented by the quoting system. As a result, JetHub was able to cancel the online quoting service and pocket the savings.

Finally, Lippert has gone from CRM newbie to CRM administrator and now manages the company’s use of Zoho CRM. In that capacity, Lippert notes the advantage of Zoho CRM integration with Google Apps. “A big reason we went with Zoho was because we’re a Google Apps customer. We use a lot of tasks and events in Zoho CRM, and we post those events to our Google calendar. And we’ve set up mail integration, so the emails we send from Google Apps, we have them in Zoho and vice versa.”


“With Zoho CRM, we now have complete visibility of our clients and client interactions,” said Lippert. “We also have an easy way to follow up on the leads we get from our website. Zoho CRM lets us disperse those leads to our team, and we’ve set up some automated processes, alerts and tasks to make sure that we give our customers the best possible service and support.”

Meanwhile, the security advantages of Zoho CRM translate to thousands of dollars. “My sales reps are independent contractors, often with their own client list,” said Lippert. “Being able to secure access to that information could easily save us thousands in business that could otherwise walk out the door in the event of a data breach.”