Zoho Sprints

A planning and tracking tool for agile teams

Zoho Sprints is a clutter-free agile tool that lets you stay ready for change and deliver great products on time.

ZOHO Sprints

Backlog: Prioritize, then iterate

Create new sprints and backlog items with a fluid drag-and-drop planning center. Break down the nuances of each user story through epics, estimation points, priority listing, and user assignments. Set durations and timely reminders make releasing after every sprint that much easier.

Board: Know where each task stands

Zoho Sprints’ Scrum Board lets you visualize all the work in every sprint, so everyone can see the progress for each task.  Easily drag and drop items, stories, and bugs through the different stages of completion. Customize work statuses and personalize your board. When your boards are agile, so is your work.

Zoho Sprint’s Scrum Board laying out the progression of each tasks

Your team can communicate with each other via comment feeds.

Notifications will keep everyone in the team within the loop of the project’s progress.

More Zoho Sprints Features

Epics: Organise your sprints

Epics help you organise work items across multiple sprints with a common objective. You can drag and drop work items across sprints within an epic and track the progress of all sprints according to their epics.

Timesheet: Track your hours

All users can log billable and non-billable hours for every work item with Timesheet. Precisely estimate the next sprint by tracking the time specific tasks take. One-click approval and transparent user time sheets help you cut through the red tape.

Dashboard: Get a quick overview of your projects

Use the Dashboard to view completion status, see the top five users for both closed and open work items, and get a comprehensive sprint activity chart, among other things. Be prepared for daily stand-ups when all your key metrics for every sprint are at your fingertips.

Reports: Keep improving with analytics

Reports let you generate velocity charts, burn down reports and Cumulative Flow Diagrams automatically so your team knows where efficiency lies. Identify bottlenecks, estimate your progress, and watch raw data turn into actionable insights. Learn from each completed sprint and get more out of retrospectives with activity charts and user summaries.

Meetings: Make the interaction happen

The comprehensive Meetings module lets you schedule sprint reviews, retrospectives, and automate daily stand-up reminders.


Tailor your projects to fit your team’s needs and give it the necessary context.

Feeds: Agility with a social touch

Post statuses and comments on the feed to take discussions online. This lets people say things at a convenient time and makes distributed teams feel closer.

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