Zoho SalesInbox

Think inside the (in)box.

Zoho SalesInbox is available for the Enterprise edition of Zoho CRM

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The first email client built exclusively for salespeople.

The most recent email isn’t always the most important. Especially in sales. You need to stay on top of the deals that are most likely to turn into revenue. A traditional email client won’t help you do that. But SalesInbox will. SalesInbox automatically prioritizes and organizes your emails according to the deals that matter most to you. See more -and do more- right from your inbox.


Have your mailbox reflect your sales pipeline and your emails organized according to sales priorities, so that you stay on top of deals that matter the most.


For better communication, you need better context. Know every detail about your customer to get a clearer picture and craft better responses.

Follow up

Get alerts for follow-up activities and notifications about the conversations that matter most. Follow-up faster and also automate the process.


Automate the process of lead creation and conversion. Set rules or simply drag and drop emails to create leads, contacts, and deals.


Know if your emails were a hit or a miss. Analyze the performance of your emails and fine-tune them to make the perfect pitch.

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Zoho SalesInbox is available for the Enterprise edition of Zoho CRM