Zoho Recruit

Recruit the best talent. Build great teams.

Zoho Recruit is both powerful recruiting software and a cutting-edge applicant tracking system that streamlines your hiring process. Source best talent faster, track resumes and interviews efficiently, and never miss on a great hire.

Zoho Recruit — Simple. Foolproof. Guided.

The current job market is as competitive as ever. For recruiters, this means jumping over a number of hurdles to get the job done. Zoho Recruit understands this and has the perfect set of features, mandatory for every recruiting solution.

For corporate HRs

As a corporate HR, finding that perfect candidate for a job opening and providing the best candidate experience can make all the difference.

Zoho Recruit values your time. It ensures that you streamline your entire recruiting process and increase efficiency of your HR departments. Automate sourcing, tracking, hiring and setup your team to interact and collaborate. But this is just default. Make Zoho Recruit work your way.

For staffing agencies

As a staffing agency, casting a wider net for talent, consistently filling job openings with the best candidates quickly is all that matters.

Hiring the right talent is no more difficult for staffing agencies, as effective applicant tracking gets easy with Zoho Recruit. Easily manage applicant data, organize, categorize and shortlist candidates in much less time than your competitors. Provide the best candidate and client experience by interacting through integrated email, text and phone options. 

Recruit anytime, anywhere.

Don’t like to be confined to the interview room? Take your interviews out to a coffee shop. Zoho Recruit’s mobile app, runs with you everywhere. Get away from your desk while still getting work done. Like any other Zoho Add-ons, Zoho Recruit integrates with several Zoho and third party applications!

Some Fantastic Features.

Custom careers website

Use Zoho Recruit to build a career portal that reflects your company’s brand.

Post to popular job boards

Post to popular job boards and let your job openings get the reach they deserve

Post jobs to social sites

The Social Tab in Recruit enables sourcing via your company’s social page.

Track your job posts for different job titles, zero in on certain candidates, and review the hiring process activity logs.

Are you looking to bundle this with other Zoho Apps?

A complete, easy-to-use applicant tracking software that you can use anywhere.