Zoho Projects & Book/Invoice Integration

You can create a project budget, invoice time logs, and record expenses for all your projects by integrating Zoho Projects. Keep a track of all the invoices and expenses by integrating Zoho Projects with Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice.


  • Create invoice for hours logged for your projects in Zoho Projects
  • Create estimates for your projects based on your project budget
  • Choose module based billing method for your projects.

Integrate Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice

  •  Click  in the upper-right corner. 
  • Choose Zoho Apps in Marketplace. Now, select Activate Invoice or Activate Books in Zoho Invoice/Books.  
  • Click How to Generate ZSC Key? to get the ZSC key.
  • If you do not have a user account in Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice, you will be asked to create a new organization.
  • After you have created and set up your organization, you will be directed to Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books.
  • In Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books, in the Dashboard, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner and then click Integrations.
  • Click Zoho Invoice ZSC Key or Zoho Books ZSC Key and then click Generate Now to get the new ZSC key.
  • Copy the Email ID and ZSC key.
  • In Zoho Projects, enter the copied Email ID and ZSC key.
  • Select the Organization, Finance Permission.
  • Select a date from when the time logs are to be invoiced. Time logs prior to this date will be marked as invoiced.
  • Click Save

Fixed Cost

Zoho Projects allows you to bill your customers based on a fixed cost and this option is available only for portals integrated with Zoho Invoice. If you wish track a budget with a varied amount use the budget tracking method.

  • Navigate to projects list view and click New Project.
  • Enter the project details and scroll down to Budget section.
  • Select None or Based on hours from the Project Budget drop-down.
  • Select Fixed cost for project under the Billing Method drop-down.
  • Click Add after completing the necessary fields in the new project form.

The planned cost of the task is the product of task work hours and rate per hour. The actual cost of the task is the product of log hours and rate per hour.

  • Task Planned Cost = Work Hours * Rate Per Hour
  • Task Actual Cost = Log Hour * Rate Per Hour

Create an Invoice

  • Navigate to your project and select Finance.
  • Click Create Invoice to create the invoice for your team.
  • Choose the sorting criteria for the invoice.
  • Select the fields to be shown as item name and description.
  • Click Save to proceed.
  • Fill the details and enter the recipients in the Email To field.
  • Click Save to send the invoice to customers.

A sample invoice is shown here for your reference:

Edit an Invoice

All the invoices are saved in the Finance tab

  • Select the required invoice to edit
  • Click the pen to edit the invoice details
  • Click Save to update the changes

Delete an Invoice

  • Select the required invoice to edit
  • Click the trash can to delete the invoice 
  • Confirm your action

Create an Estimate

An Estimate is a proposal that you send to your customers with detailed quotation. After the customer accepts the estmiate, it can be converted to a sales order or an invoice

  • Navigate to your project and select Finance
  • Choose the Estimates tab and click Create Estimate.
  • Fill the details and enter the recipients in the Email To field.
  • Click Save to send the estimate to customers.

Record an Expense

  • Click the Expenses tab in Invoice and Expenses.
  • Click Create Expense in the upper-right corner to create a new expense record. 
  • Specify the expense details
  • Click Save to save the expense record.

Edit an Expense Record

All the invoices created are saved in Finance tab

  • Select the required expense to edit. 
  • Click  to edit the invoice details.
  • Click Save to update the changes.  

Delete an Expense Record

    1. Select the required expense to delete. 
    2. Click  to delete the invoice.
    3. Confirm your action.

Profitability Summary

View the profitability summary of your project in the project dashboard

  • Navigate to a project and click Dashboard in the top navigation bar.
  • Gain insights about the income vs expenses recorded in your project in the Profitability Summary widget.
    • Select Accrual or Cash option.
      • Accrual: Shows the income that have been invoiced to the customer but payment hasn’t been received yet.
      • Cash: Shows the income and expenses after the invoices have been paid.
  • View data for current fiscal, previous fiscal, last 12 months, or the last 6 months.

Migrate From Old to New Integration

With the new integration, your Zoho Projects data will be synced to the time tracking module in Zoho Invoice/ Books. You can perform all finance related transactions via Finance tab in Zoho Projects. You can also configure the contact preferences (either overwrite or clone contacts for a primary client) in Zoho Invoice/ Books.

  • Navigate to  > Marketplace > Zoho apps > Zoho Invoice/Zoho Books tile Update.
  • Select Migrate.
  • Once you are done reading the changes in migration, click Proceed.
  • Set primary client in the next screen. The best practice is to mark a client as primary and then migrate. Note that the primary client is necessary to generate invoices. But you can skip this step if you don’t want to set one for now.
  • Click Migrate.
  • Check the Error Summary tab for any errors in migration.

Delete Integration

The portal owner can delete the Zoho Invoice integration

  • Navigate to  > Marketplace > Installed Apps.
  • Select Zoho Invoice.
  • Click Delete Integration. Deleting this integration will result in timesheet entries no longer being invoiced. Projects synced with Zoho Books will not be affected.