Zoho Projects Resource Utilization Chart

Divvy up Work Better with the Resource Utilization Chart

Finding great players for your team is easy, while the real challenge lies in getting them to play as a team. Here is a chart that helps you make sure that tasks are distributed evenly among your team mates . The resource utilization chart gives you an idea of who is free, who is occupied and who is overloaded.

What is a Resource Utilization Chart?

The resource utilization chart is not your typical graph, it gives you a view of how balanced your team’s work hours and free hours are. Here’s what you will spot in this chart:

The See-Saw Design

For each team member, there is a see-saw that accommodates allotted time on one end and free time on the other.

Color Code

The Task Bars

For each task, a task bar stretches across the duration of the task. There is also a slidable indicator to display the work hours per day.

Know Availability in one Quick Glance

With the resource utilization chart, get to know how each of your team member’s time is being utilized without having to manually calculate the hours. The style of the chart makes sure you gauge information quickly and act on it right away.

Best Fit Allocation

Achieve maximum results from your team by allocating work based on resources and availability. When you have a task to add, this chart helps you decide who is free enough to take it up.

View Schedule for the Selected Period

If you need to know your team’s schedule over the long haul or just over a short period of time, we’ve got you covered. View the task allocation schedule daily, weekly or monthly by applying the appropriate filter.

Add and Manage Tasks

You don’t have to stop with taking a look, you can act on your observations too. Add new tasks in one click, drag and drop tasks to assign it to a different member or move the task slider to adjust the work hours.