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In this age of collective learning, teachers aren’t the only ones teaching, and students aren’t the only ones studying. You can easily adopt this mindset by staying in sync with your peers anytime, anywhere with Zoho Projects, a collaborative online project management software.


Common Problems in the education industry

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Students' progress can be evaluated only if their performance in all areas of growth is know. A gap in communication between teachers handling various courses, between teachers and students, or between teachers and parents can lead to an incomplete assessment.

Waiting for the right person

We've all been in the situation where we had to spend hours trying to figure out who to get approval from for a particular request. Spending more time searching than actually doing is a clear sign of waste.

Back to square one

On-boarding new employees is always a chore. It can be a new teacher, someone wanting to try their hand at a new course, or a change in syllabus. All of this takes a lot of time and effort from someone else willing to spend it, in order to achieve.

Getting it right

Maintaining quality standards is an important aspect of any educational institution. Forgetting to check the quality of some critical lab equipment or a chemical solution can end up in disaster. Literally.

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