Zoho Projects & ZenDesk

Successful project management software helps users effectively track issues. The Zendesk extension for Zoho Projects acts as an add-on to the Issues module in Zoho Projects. You can associate a ticket from your Zendesk account with an issue or a task in Zoho Projects using this extension.

Installing the ZenDesk for Zoho Projects Extension in your Portal

  • Navigate to Setup > Integration > Extensions
  • Click All on the left panel. 
  • Click the ZenDesk for Zoho Projects extension 
  • Click Install to proceed to installation
  • Set your preferences under the General section
    • Choose the profiles and projects when you would like the extension to be shared
  • Agree to the Terms of Use
  • Click Install Extension. You will be taken to the configuration settings now
  • Enter your Zendesk domain name and click Save Configuration
  • Navigate to the Connections tab
  • Click Authorize
  • Enter the Zendesk sub-domain name
  • Click Save Details
  • Sign into your Zendesk account
  • Click Allow to allow Zoho Workflow to access your account

Associating a Zendesk Ticket with an Issue or a Task in Zoho Projects

  • Navigate to your project and pick the task or issue that you want to associate a ticket with
  • Scroll down to the details page and click the Zendesk extension
  • Click Associate Ticket
  • Search for the ticket using the search bar or choose the ticket from the list
  • Click Associate

Viewing a Ticket

  • Navigate to the task or issue that has the associated ticket you want to view
  • Click the Zendesk extension
  • View the ticket details that are associated with the current task or issue
    • The title, status, and owner of the ticket are displayed here

Deleting a Ticket

  • Navigate to the task or issue that has the associated ticket you want to delete
  • Click the Zendesk extension
  • Hover over the ticket and click the trash icon
  • Click Yes! Delete