Zoho Projects & Gitea

Gitea integration allows you to host your repositories, see source commits, and make code changes. And so, now you can view all the changes made in your Gitea repository in Zoho Projects.

Set Webhook in Gitea

  • Login to Gitea
  • Select the desired project
  • Click Settings and click Webhooks from the top panel 
  • Click Add Webhook and select Gitea
  • Paste the URL and click Add Webhook

Edit Source Commits in Gitea

  • Login to Gitea
  • Navigate to the desired project
  • Select the source file to edit
  • Click Edit to modify the source file
  • Modify details under Commit Changes if necessary
  • Click Commit Changes

View Changesets in Zoho Projects

  • Navigate to the desired project
  • Click Issues
  • Click the three dots in the top right corner and then click Changesets