Zoho Projects & Cliq Integration

Zoho Projects is a project management software that helps to plan, track and collaborate your team’s projects and milestones. Integrating Projects with Cliq—your team communications app, you can ensure that your whole team stays up to date on all issues by receiving notifications in dedicated channels for each project and also in Projects bot. 

Configure Portal

After installation in Cliq, each user can configure a portal for them, i.e. connect a Zoho Project portal with Cliq. This is pivotal as all actions furthermore will be linked to that portal (creating tasks and issues, receiving notifications and statistics).

To connect a portal with Cliq, follow the given steps,

  • In LHS, click on + of Bots menu, look for Zoho Projects bot and subscribe to it.
  • You will get Consent box to access your data, followed by permission dialog to authenticate with your Zoho Projects bot (on using the integration first time).
  • In the bot actions (at the bottom of chat window), click on Configure and choose Set Default Portal. If you have only one portal in Projects, then it will be taken as the default portal.
  • If you have more than one portal, then choose the portal you want to configure.
    Now all notifications for issue updates will be from the given portal, and also the new tasks and issues from Cliq conversations will be added to this portal.



Channel Updates - Issues and Tasks

A project that you’re part of can be mapped with a channel to receive updates of issues, bugs, and tasks, letting team members know of the issues filed and tasks added in the projects. The members can also claim the issue/task directly from the channel if it is unassigned.


A project that has been mapped with a channel can be unmapped for 2 reasons

  1. To map that project with a new channel 
  2. To stop receiving updates of that project

Under Configure > Currently mapped, members who mapped a channel will have permission to unmap it and the project admins can unmap any of their projects from its channel (regardless of who mapped it).

Bot Updates - Issues and Tasks Assigned to You

When new issues/tasks are created and assigned to you, the bot will immediately message you with the details. Also when others update on your issues/tasks the bot will let you know of it as well with the exact details. You will get updates when following actions are performed on tasks and issues,

Now to get these updates, you will have to enable notifications for them! Click on Configure -> Notifications and enable updates for projects that you want to keep track on. On clicking Notifications, if you get a message saying you need access to Automation, then you will have to get in touch with your project admin for the same.

Admin Enabling Permission For Notifications

As project admin, you will have to enable permission for members to receive issue updates. Please follow the outlined steps in Zoho Projects for the same,

  • Open the Project that you want to give permission in.
  • Select Users from the menu.
  • Hover over a user and then click .
  • Click Customize permissions for this user.
  • Enable Project Settings & Issue Tracker under Permissions.
    Now the member has permission to issue tracker and hence the Projects bot can now provide them with issue updates in Cliq

Weekly Team Updates

Every week a consolidated report of the project will be posted by the bot in the mapped channel. This is to keep the project admin informed of the work done by the team. There are 2 reports as follows,

  • Overdue Tasks Per User – Posted on Every Monday at 9am 
  • Employee Performance – Posted on Every Friday at 6pm

Overdue Tasks Per User: This report will list the members of the projects and their overdue tasks in 3 categories – tasks overdue in last 2 days, in the last 3-7 days, and tasks overdue by more than 7 days

Employee Performance: Now this is one that mambers can looks forward to. This report lists the top performers of the week by listing the number of assigned and closed works and calculating the efficiency based on it!

Note: These reports can be enabled/disabled when mapping the projects with the channels. To make changes to the current setting, go to Configure > Currently Mapped > Update

Add Tasks & Issues

Conversations in chats lead to new tasks and issues being reported. You can convert them into actionable work directly from Cliq. Just hover on any message, click on Actions (3 dots) -> More -> Create Task/Add issue. In the form that appears, fill in the details and hit the button! The message will be created as a new task or filed as a bug respectively in Projects

You can also directly call the bot in any chat that you currently in @ProjectsBot, to add tasks or file issues

A Quick View of Tasks

When conversing in a chat, quickly pull up your teammate’s tasks for reference by typing /projects @username in the textbox and hitting Enter. You can also pull up your own task list in a conversation for an overview by typing /projects and hitting Enter.

More Bot Actions

Stats – To view the overall performance of your team in the current month, i.e. if you check the stats on 15th, then the results will be calculated from 1-14th of that month. The stats is calculated by the formula [number of issues or tasks closed in that month/(carried over+created in that month)]

My tasks – You can view the list of your current tasks. (Helpful for checking tasks quickly to schedule the day)

My bugs – You can view the details of your open issues anytime. (View your issues anytime and work on squashing it!)

And finally, you can send a Help to the bot anytime you’re stuck! The bot will help you out with a set of pre-defined instructions.

Chatbar - Mini Version of Cliq

Cliq can be accessed directly in Projects as Chatbar. In the bottom left corner of the page, you will find a small tab with the headers Chats, Channels and Contacts. Most of the actions and messaging can be carried out via this chatbar. Also in Express, Premium and Enterprise plans of Projects, you can directly start a chat with the stakeholders of an issue or task. 

  1. Open a task or issue
  2. In the top right corner, click the three dots
  3. In the pop-up that appears, edit the title, add more users if needed and start the chat
  4. It will be created as a group chat in chatbar and will also get synced in Cliq


Install Zoho Projects extension in your Cliq organization and keep track of your work, get instant updates along with creating issues and tasks in your team’s projects right from within Cliq.

Note: Only org admins can install an integration for the entire organization, whereas users can install only for their team.