Zoho Motivator

A sales activity management tool made for Zoho CRM.

Capture the data from your CRM account to give you real-time insights of your sales activities. These insights give you an idea of which behaviors you need to improve and the tools to do it. Get analytics, create targeted goals & make contests that give your team the recognition they deserve!

Your team can have fun and focus on behaviors at the same time!

Whether it’s to focus on calls or cultivate the habit of entering data, behaviors can’t be imposed and expected out of your team without the motivation to follow through. Zoho Motivator is a tool that manages your sales activities, in a way that rewards your team.

Take the fun and motivation with you wherever your job takes you

Sales isn’t a nine-to-five desk job; it’s a wherever-and-whatever-it-takes job. Viewing your personal scorecard or contest ranking isn’t confined to your desk or cubicle. Access your KPIs, Targets, and Contests with realtime CRM updates on Zoho Motivator’s mobile app.

Your privacy is protected in the team’s motivation.

Zoho Motivator is an add-on sales management tool for Zoho CRM. When you sign up for Zoho Motivator, you’re already protected by the security measures included in Zoho CRM. The Motivator team has also come up with some enhancements to ensure that the data you process under Zoho Motivator stays safe. These updates are focused on making Motivator GDPR compliant.

Features and More

Real-time insights

Record sales numbers don't appear overnight. They come from measuring and motivating key sales activities. Real-time dashboards and charts provide actionable insights for understanding and boosting performance.

Fun & results

Boosting performance goes beyond telling your team what to do and ranking reps on a leaderboard. Encourage your team to perform their best with targets and contests for clear goals, real-time feedback, and recognition for their hard work.

Energize the team

When sales reps get to see where they stand, in realtime, they feel motivated to give their best. Broadcast key KPIs, targets, and contests on TVs around your office and watch your sales grow.

Wake up your team players and get motivated.

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