Zoho Lens

Interactive Remote Assistance

Troubleshoot problems without leaving your desk using augmented reality with Zoho Lens remote assistance software.

Zoho Lens is Trusted By Every Industry



Field Service

Customer Service



Reduce Downtime and Boost Productivity

Provide instructions to users and fix problems on the spot

Visual, Effective Troubleshooting

Technicians on the ground can show the problem to an expert on-site

Lower Travel Costs

No more traveling to a client's location! Fix issues from your office

See Issues, Collaborate, and Get Things Done Faster

Live Camera Streaming

View the camera stream of your remote client’s smartphone

Highlighting on 3D Objects

Take notes using our augmented reality technology

VoIP and Text Chat

Interact with your customer through VoIP and text


Capture a snapshot of the incoming camera stream to document specific events

Freeze Images

Freeze the incoming camera stream to explore and discuss technical details

Session Recording

Record sessions initiated in your organization

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