Zoho Learn Online Courses

Boost knowledge retention

Curate and deliver a robust learning program to upskill your team. Build course content with ease, enroll learners, and track their progress.

Simplified course authoring

Break your course content into different lessons organized into chapters. Add video and audio content to provide a variety of engaging experiences for your learners. Use any content type—video, audio, text, or a combination of each—and build your learning materials with our drag and drop course builder.

Assess learners

Tailor your quizzes and assignments based on your assessment requirements. Incorporate a variety of question and assignment types, including multimedia, text, and documents. Evaluate, grade, and provide feedback for the submissions uploaded by learners.

Categories and Tags

Classify and group your courses into different subject areas using categories and subcategories. Create searchable tags for relevant courses to help learners explore content depending on their interests.

Course compliance

Make sure your learners don’t skip important sections of your course. Mandate lesson order to ensure learners understand a specific topic before they move on to the next. Set minimum passing scores for quizzes and even restrict the number of retakes for a specific quiz.

Course progress status and mark as complete

Learners can get a visual indication of the progress they have made in the courses. With Learn, employees can control their progress by manually marking individual lessons as complete if they are already familiar with that topic.


Discussion Boards

Discussion boards promote peer-to-peer learning and become a platform to share ideas and thoughts. Learners and authors can come together and participate in conversations that can lead to deeper insights into the courses.

Drip Content

Control the pace at which learners progress through your course material. Schedule to release your course content in smaller chunks to help learners keep their focus on one lesson at a time.