Zoho CRM RingCentral Integration

Bring integrated cloud business communications and CRM together.

The Zoho CRM RingCentral integration helps your sales and support teams with better call handling and CRM experience. With features like single-click dialing, screen pop-ups for incoming calls, automatic call logging and much more, they can manage all call related activities inside Zoho CRM. Thus focus on their calls, be more productive and have enriched customer interactions.

Zoho CRM and RingCentral
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Screen Pop-ups

Access customer information quickly with automatic screen pop-ups. With contextual access to the contacts’ history and detailed information from these pop-ups, you can be more prepared to take the call and ensure quality interactions. Save new callers as leads or contacts in Zoho CRM and save your Call-Actions (like adding notes, follow-up tasks) instantly from these pop-ups.

Automatic Call Logging

All the call activities get logged automatically inside Zoho CRM. This integration lets you record all inbound and outbound calls within your CRM and play them back whenever necessary. You can avoid logging the call details in two places, rather have it all tracked in Zoho CRM automatically. What’s more, you can even fetch details on your calls and call analytics anytime with the help of Reports in Zoho CRM.

Full Control

Get advanced call controls and global connectivity right inside your CRM. With Zoho CRM for RingCentral, you can track all your customer data in one place.

Simple Configuration

Setting-up Zoho CRM for RingCentral is very simple.  There are no installations or tedious configurations to mess with. All you need is your RingCentral login credentials to get started.

Dial Calls From Zoho CRM

Call your leads and customers from within Zoho CRM in a single click. Avoid the hassle of moving across multiple devices/screens and save time in handling each call. More time means more calls and improved productivity.