Zoho CRM Feature Availability and Limits Chart

Not sure which version of Zoho CRM to get for your team? Check out the chart below and see what features are included with each version:

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation
Sales Forecasting
Territory Forecasting
Document Library
Recurring Activities
Calendar Booking
Multiple Currencies
Social Integration (Facebook and Twitter)
Social Tab (Facebook and Twitter Accounts of the Company)
Scoring Rules 10 fields/module20 fields/module 30 fields/module 50 fields/module
CRM Analytics
Standard Reports
Custom Reports 100UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Schedule Reports 20 schedulers/user (Max 100 schedulers/day) 20 schedulers/user (Max 100 schedulers/day)20 schedulers/user (Max 100 schedulers/day)20 schedulers/user (Max 100 schedulers/day)
Standard Dashboards
Custom Dashboards 10 dashboardsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Charts and KPIs
Anomaly Detector 10 trneds (Additional 1 trend/user license)(Max 50) 20 trends(Additional 2 trends/user license)(max 100)
Comparator/Target Meter/Funnel
Cohort Analysis 1025
Quadrant Analysis

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
Mass Email 250/day/org500/day/org1000/day/org2000/day/org
Custom Email Templates10 templates100 templatesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email Opt-Out
Autoresponders 3 autoresponders5 autoresponders
Schedule Mass Email 10/module10/module10/module


Zia Voice
Best Time to Contact
Zia Reminders
Conversion Prediction
Trend Analysis
Macro Suggestion
Zia Intelligence for Automation
Data Enrichment 500 records/user license (Max 50k records)2000 reocrds/user license (Max 50k records)
Record Owner Suggestion in Assignment Rule
Prediction Builder
Recommendation (Available for orgs with more than 20 user license) 1/org/10/org
Zia Vision (Image Validation) 1 rule/org(1/module)20 rules/org(2 modules)
Workflow Suggestion
Zia for Emails (Available for orgs with more than 20 licenses)

Inventory Management

Inventory Management
Price Books
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders
Inventory Templates

Customer Support

Customer Support
Web-to-Case Form 10 forms/module 20 forms/modle 100 forms/module
Notify Owner
Assignment Rules 20 rules and 20 rule entries 20 rules and 50 rule entries 50 rules and 100 rule entries
Case Escalation Rules

Security Management

Security Management
Users3 Users(Free)$12/User/License/Month Billed Annually or $18 month-to-month $20/user/license/month billed annually or $30 month-to-month $35/user license/month billed annually or $45 month-to-month $45/user license/month billed annually or $55 month-to-month
Customize User Layout 10 custom fields50 custom fields50 custom fields50 custom fields
Reporting Hierarchy
Territory Management 150250
Groups 203050250
Field-Level Security
Custom Links 10 links/module10 links/module50 links/module
Default Data Sharing Settings
Public Read Only (in Default Data Sharing Settings)
Data Sharing Rules 15 rules/modules100 rules/module
Audit Logs
Allowed IPs
Record Sharing
Data Encryption 5 fields/modules10 fields/module
GDPR Compliance Settings

Product Customization

Product Customization
Home Page Components510101010
Organize Tabs
Rename Tabs
Group Tabs 10 groups10 groups25 groups50 groups
Custom Modules 100 modules500 modules
Custom Modules Per User License 2 modules 5 modules
Layout Editor
Page Layouts 3 layouts/modules (Note: Not applicable for Activities module)6 layouts/module (Note: Not applicable for Activities module)
Layout Rules 10/module10/module
Validation Rules 5/layout10/layout (Using Functions: 3/layout) 25/layout (Using Functions: 5/layout)
Subforms 2/module5/module
Email Address Duplication Check
Custom Fields (Includes All Types of Fields) 10 fields/module (Note: Activities module has only 10 fields) 155 fields/module (Note: Activities module has only 140 fields)300 fields/module (Note: Activities module has only 230 fields) 500 fields/module (Note: Activities module has only 23o fields)
Unique Fields 2 fields/module2 fields/module2 fields/module2 fields/module
Picklist History Tracking
Standard List Views
Custom List Views5 list views/module50 list views/moduleUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Records in List Views50100100100100
Kanban ViewOnly for the Deals and Activities ModulesOnly for the Deals and Activities ModulesOnly for the Deals and Activities Modules
Canvas View 3 views/user/module 5 views/user/module
Modify Criteria Path
Last Activity Time in Criteria
Custom Related Lists 5/module10/module
Custom Buttons 50/module250/module
Personal Fields (Marking Fields as Personal)30 fields/module30 fields/module30 fields/module30 fields/module30 fields/module
Web Tabs 2525
Copy Customization
Wizards 25 (2 per module) 25 (5 per module)
Multiple Sales Pipeline Default (Standard) Pipeline Only5/module10/module20/module50/module

Process Management

Process Management
Blueprint 3 Blueprints (Includes default blueprints) 50 Blueprints (Includes default blueprints) 100 Blueprints (Includes default blueprints)
Clone Blueprint
Common Transition Per Blueprint 21025
Transition Per Blueprint 10100300
Field Count During Transition 41050
Approval Process
Review Process 5/module10/module
CommandCenter 5 journeys/org (includes both active and inactive journeys) 10 journeys/org includes both active and inactive journeys)

Web Forms

Web Forms
Forms for Leads/Contacts1 form/module5 forms/module10 forms/module20 forms/module100 forms/module
Approve Records
Auto Response Rules
Unsubscribe Links25101010
Notify Record Owner
Web Form Analytics 100k visits/month and 3 months of data for Analytics 300k visits/months and 3 months of data for Analytics
Web Form A/B Testing 2 web forms/module10 web forms/module


Zoho Mail Add-On
Email Insights ✓ (Note: Includes response tracking and limited options under advanced filters)
Organization Emails
BCC Dropbox 10 approved email addresses 10 approved email addresses 10 approved email addresses 10 approved email addresses
Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook
Zoho CRM for Office 365
Attachments in Email3MB10MB10MB10MB10MB
Email Sharing
Email Authentication1 Domain5 Domains10 Domains20 Domains 20 Domains
Email Parser
Email Association with Deals
Email Relay 10 relay servers20 relay servers20 relay servers


CRM Marketplace (Extensions for Zoho CRM) * some extensions not available in Standard and Pro Editions 351020
Manage Mail Add-on Users
Zoho Creator Integration
Integration with Online Meeting Providers
Visitor Tracking Zoho SalesIQ Integration
Zoho Survey Integration
Survey Creation in Campaigns Module
Zoho Writer Add-On
Zoho Desk Integration
Zoho Projects Integration
Zoho Finance Suite Integration (includes Zoho Books; Invoice; Subscriptions; Expense; and Inventory)
Zoho PhoneBridge
Zoho Analytics Integration
Zoho Campaigns Integration
Zoho Forms Integration
Zoho Webinar Integration
Zoho Backstage Integration
CRM Events with Zoho Meeting
Mail Merge Template (Plug-in for Microsoft Office) 1000 merges/month/org1000 merges/month/org1000 merges/month/org
Attach from Zoho Docs
Attach from Google Docs
Google Calendar Synchronization (For Google Users)
Google Contacts Synchronization (For Google Users)
Zoho CRM for Google Ads
Advanced Gamification
Advanced Gamification
Slack Integration
Zoho CRM Mobile Edition
Zoho Directory Integration


Export Events to Google Calendar
Export to Google Tasks
Synchronize Google Calendar (For Google Suite Users)
Synchronize Google Contact (For Google Suite Users)
Zoho CRM Web Forms 1/module10/module20/module100/module
Zoho CRM for Gmail Add-On

Developer Tools

Developer Tools
API's (Max allowed credits) 5k credits/day/org100k credits/day/org500k credits/day/org100k credits/day/org Unlimited (2k/user)
Functions - (Max allowed credits) 15k credits/day/org20k credits/day/org200k credits/day/org Unlimited(1k/user license)


Personal Settings
Company Logo and Theme
Fiscal Year
Business Hours
Portals 5 portals/org - 1 Default portal(free) for Contacts module. Purcahase 4 or more portals: 1 user (min. user count) - $10/user/month | 1 to 1000 users - $10/user/month | 1001 to 10000 users - $8/user/month | 10001 and up users - $5/user/month5 portals/org - 1 Default portal(free) for Contacts module. Purcahase 4 or more portals: 1 user (min. user count) - $10/user/month | 1 to 1000 users - $10/user/month | 1001 to 10000 users - $8/user/month | 10001 and up users - $5/user/month
Business Card View
Calendar Synchronization
Advanced Filters
Tags for Records 5 tags/record - 20 tags/module 10 tags/record - 60 tags/module 10 tags/record - 100 tags/module 10 tags/record - 200 tags/module
Sticky Notes