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Zoho Contracts improves the efficiency of your legal operations and addresses contract management.

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Why modern businesses need contract management software

Today’s business landscape is more dynamic than ever: global supply chains are more complicated, regulatory measures are more complex, and sales models are more diverse. There is increased demand for a powerful contract management system that helps you stay agile in these volatile business environments. Robust CLM systems also empower you with strategic insights to stay ahead of the competition.

Zoho Contracts improves the efficiency of your legal operations and holistically addresses contract management to facilitate better business outcomes. Its simple design, sophisticated features, and flexibility to scale make it a compelling solution for businesses of all sizes.

Contract Authorizing

Made Easier than Ever

Turnaround Time

From Weeks to Days

Mitigating Contract Risks

With the Best In-Class Obligation Management

Holistic Lifecycle Management

With Finely Crafted Individuals Parts

Additional Features

Central Repository

Losing al contracts is a thing of the past. Safely store all contracts across your enterprise in a single central repository with search and filter options that enable better accessibility.

Audit Trail

Stay on top of all user activities in your contract lifecycle management system. Better visibility into enterprise-wide activity enables you to create processes that enforce compliance. 

Access Control

Maintain better control over the data in your contract management software with the help of predefined User Roles and relevant access permissions. 

Proven Security

Data security and privacy are viral components of our contract  management solution. We store customer data in our own private data centers, and each data exchange is fully encrypted.