Zoho Connect

Work with a team, and get the job done faster.


Give your team the space to pool perspectives and collaborate, and gather all the tools they need to move work forward.


So much happens during a conversation--details are shared, opinions are voiced, and ideas are refined. Use Feeds to bring team interactions to your screen.


Faster communication results in better productivity, and that's what you get with channels. They're real-time communication for teams, and they're where teams discuss to make decisions.


Resolve issues together by crowd sourcing solutions from within your network.

Information Right Where You Need It.

Zoho Connect provides you with the capability to have all the resources your team needs are easily accessible, collaboration happens smoothly. Share and compile all your materials so your team can quickly draw on it whenever they need. From Manuals to figure out certain procedures to Files needed to close a case.


Make Plans That Work For You.

Take control of your day by scheduling events, meetings, and calls that will happen.

Zoho connect will assist you with following through with the plans by breaking them down into simplier tasks.

Ready to connect your teams & Collaborate better?

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