Zoho Connect

Modern intranet solution to boost your work culture and employee experience.

Build a culture of engagement and openness by providing a centralized hub for employee communications, corporate resources, and collaboration.

Information Right where you need it

Zoho Connect provides you with the capability to have all the resources your team needs are easily accessible, collaboration happens smoothly. Share and compile all your materials so your team can quickly draw on it whenever they need. From Manuals to figure out certain procedures to Files needed to close a case.

  • Feeds
  • Collaborative Spaces
  • Knowledge Base
  • Town Halls
  • Employee Surveys


Each employee has a personalized feed with familiar social features, like posts, who they're following, and hashtags. Now, it's easy for them to read company news, receive updates from co-workers, and share their ideas.

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Collaborative Spaces

Build spaces around a common purpose, providing employees the necessary tools to communicate freely and accomplish their goals.

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Knowledge Base

Use the built-in knowledge management tool and document repository to share policies, guides, goals, and values. Build an archive of information for employees to draw on.

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Town Halls

Cultivate transparency and build trust by conducting online town hall sessions with company leadership or topic experts. Encourage employees to hold open, yet focused dialogues.

Employee Survey

Share surveys, receive responses, gauge the pulse of your organization, create positive feedback loops, and gain actionable insights to keep your employees content.

The employee app for an informed workforce

Broadcast important information to all of your employees. Share company newsletters, important updates, and any other information your employees need, without cluttering office inboxes.

The modern-day social intranet solution for employee engagement

Give employees an exclusive digital space where they can share information, exchange ideas, and turn shared goals into action items. Show employees how much you value their contributions, and create a sense of community within your organization

Digital Workplace Solutions

Remote Work

Remote Work

Face-to-face interactions are irreplaceable, but an employee app will keep your organization together when you can't be in the same space.

Culture and Engagement

Culture and Engagement

Improve employee experience by promoting a healthy culture within the organization and motivating employees to give their best.

Business Communication

Business Communication

Encourage multi-directional communication and employees to share ideas and feedback, while building partnerships.

Social Intranet

Social Intranet

An intranet solution that brings your digital workplace together, enabling idea-sharing and easy access to information.

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