Zoho Cliq

Team communication software that's built to power your business productivity.

The business communication app that includes real-time messaging, task management and automation.

Team collaboration, made simple

Why wait on email? Chat in real time to cut down on delays and keep work flowing smoothly.

Collaboration powered by conversation

Brainstorm with colleagues and execute your vision. Stay up to date through your workplace chat.

Make work more fun

Explore the fun side of team communication with Cliq. Replace time-consuming meetings with spontaneous conversations. You’re animated when you speak—now your chat can be, too!

Features that Cliq.

Share files and make audio or video calls, right from within your chat channels. Cliq is loaded with features to keep teams productive and cohesive.

Unlimited storage

Unlimited video chat, even on our free plan

SSL encryption and absolute chat privacy

User-centered, multi-panel chat

Plays well with all SaaS platforms

Developer-friendly platform

Collaboration made easy, no matter what team you run.


Manage the development process, from ideation to launch.


Dream up your next big campaign.

Tech Support

Bring teams together to close tickets faster.


Work together to manage your business smoothly.

Access your conversations on the go.

Make audio/video calls, share files and talk to your colleagues from your smartphone.

Integrate the tools you use with Cliq.

View and share information from all your favorite applications without leaving your chat window.

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Affordable solutions for teams of any size