Zoho BugTracker

Ship great software with automated bugtracking

A simple, fast and scalable bug tracking software that helps you manage bugs easily and deliver great products on time.

The issue tracker built to deliver issue-free software!

Submit, track and fix your bugs faster with custom workflows, business rules and SLAs.


Log and track bugs

Record bugs easily, and track them based on desired criteria. Create custom views for your issue tracker tool so as to focus on bugs that are the most time sensitive. See how many bugs have been logged, if they've been resolved, and more with reports.


Automated bugtracker

Set rules to trigger updates in a bug's fields or in third-party applications. Email notifications keep you and your team in the loop when bugs are created, updated, and more. Automate your service level agreements to meet your client targets.


Customize to suit your needs

Each project has its own specific requirements. Create custom fields and workflows for such projects in Zoho's defect tracking tool. Personalize your interface with our configuration tools.


Work together efficiently

Use interactive tools like Forums and Chat, to check in with your team and see what everyone is working on. Gamescope, the gaming feature in our issue tracking system, makes it fun to get work done!


Bill your time wisely

Log your billable and non-billable hours using the timesheets module in our issue tracking software. BugTracker's integration with Zoho Invoice lets you quickly generate invoices and bills for your clients.

Integrate with your favorite apps

Zoho BugTracker seamlesssly integrates with other Zoho apps and third party apps so that work is never at a standstill.

Bug tracking, at your fingertips

Stay connected, wherever you are. Get quick updates, manage bugs, participate in discussions, and take necessary actions, all from the palm of your hand. 

Swat bugs before they know what hit them!