Zoho Books - Quotes


Simplify quote & invoice management
With Zoho Books, creating quotes can be done in a few seconds.


Create quotes on the spot and add contact information, item details, and prices that you’ve saved in Zoho Books. Send quotes in seconds as soon as a deal is won, no matter where you are.


Choose from the gallery of customizable templates to create quotes that reflect your brand. Zoho Books gives you complete freedom to make your templates look just the way you want.

Additional security

With Zoho Sign integration, digitally sign quotes before sending them to customers for approval and add an extra level of security to your documents.


Forget lengthy calls and emails to discuss and finalize deals. Use the Customer Portal to send quotes, get them approved, and collaborate with your clients in real time.


Keep track of discounts, negotiations, and status for any quote with the quote history section. Zoho Books also notifies you when your client accepts an quote or makes a comment.


Turn an quote into an invoice as soon as your client accepts it. Our quote & invoice software lets you convert quotes to invoices in a click, saving you the trouble of entering the same data twice.