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Nonprofit Accounting Software

Looking for well-rounded accounting software for your nonprofit organization? Look no further than Zoho Books. Zoho makes accounting easy for anyone committed to a cause.

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Fund and Time Tracking Videos

Track your Projects as Funds and have your employees record their time.

Projects and Time Tracking (1 of 3)

Track time for employees based on projects.
Projects and Time Tracking in Zoho Video
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How to Enter Time for a Project (2 of 3)

Allow Employees to record their time spent on a project.
How to Log time in Zoho Books Video
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How to Bill for your Time (3 of 3)

Send out invoices for the time spent on projects or tasks.
How to Bill for your Time Zoho Books Video
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The best accounting software for project or fund management

Keep track of every billable minute with timesheets and turn time into money.

Track time with ease

With Zoho Books you never have to lose a minute of your billable hours. You can either log the amount of time you spent for a project daily or weekly, or use the timer widget to clock the time you spend.

Keep track of multiple projects

Zoho Books makes it possible for you to control and manage multiple projects by letting you create new projects, add tasks for each project, and assign specific tasks to your employees.

Choose Retainer or Fixed Fee for Grants

Collect payments in advance with Retainer Invoices. Front-load your billing to match the way you plan and schedule your projects. Zoho Books also automatically tracks and reminds you to apply retainer credits to a client’s invoice balance.

Use the Retainer Invoice as Grants received and then apply invoices against them.

retainer invoice view

Integrate Zoho Books with Zoho Checkout for Online Donations

With Zoho Checkout, you can start accepting online donations in minutes, without any technical skills, so you can keep advancing your cause.