Zoho Books Inventory


All-in-one accounting and inventory tracking software for your growing business
Monitor inventory levels to identify fast-moving items and keep them well stocked.

Capture complete product details

Organize your inventory with vital information like SKUs, product images, vendor details, costs, and stock-on-hand.

Do business with customized rates

Create a customized price list with markups or markdowns and offer it to your preferred vendors and customers.

Never run out of stock

Track your items from the moment you create them. Enabling inventory tracking helps you keep tabs on your stock levels at all times.

Know when to replenish stock

Set reorder levels and get alerts before the stock level dips below your minimum. If you select preferred vendors for specific items, you can send purchase orders instantly.

Record inventory changes in real time

Adjust your inventory instantly when stock gets damaged or lost. Make shelf counts easier by keeping inventory levels up to date.

Stay informed with detailed inventory reports

See your stock on hand and its current valuation at any time. Our accounting software values your inventory using FIFO methodology.