Zoho Books - Document Management


Accounting software with a document management system
Streamline and store all your documents in one place and attach them to transactions.

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The auto-scan option in Zoho Books captures your document details automatically, so you can convert them into an invoice, expense, bill, sales order, or purchase order.

Turn your inbox into your workspace

You and your contacts can email files to the inbox, and you can create transactions straight from there. Once you do that, the file gets cleared and therefore it can be used to act upon pending transactions.

Match files with transactions

As you’re gathering documents, it’s simple to match them to transactions in your bank feed, or attach them to previously-created transactions. Now you have proof of your transactions for your records, simplifying record keeping for both you and your accountant.

Increase collaboration with your accountant

Help your accountant make sense of your cash transactions by attaching photos of your receipts or bills to the transaction itself. You can also store your tax-related documents and let your accountant access them online.

Save, organize, retrieve

Upload your documents to the cloud in a few clicks. Simply drag and drop the files, sort them into different folders, set folder-level access for other users, and see how easy it is to organize things!