Zoho Backstage

ZOHO Backstage is an Event management software for planners, corporations and agencies.

This is an event management software that empowers event organizers to plan and run conferences, meetups, and product launches with greater efficiency and impact.

What can ZOHO Backstage do for you?

Create a rewarding event experience for your attendees. Engage, entertain, educate, and make them want to come back!





An exceptional app to create exceptional events.

Zoho Backstage is enterprise event management software that helps you create memorable experiences. It’s everything you need to succeed: website building, ticketing, event promotion, attendee registration, and more.

Build a detailed agenda

Create a comprehensive schedule for your event. Simply drag and drop elements to arrange sessions.

Make it your own

Personalize your event website to brand it as your own. Map a custom domain and secure it with SSL certification.

Leverage social media

Capitalize on the power of social media. Share your event on multiple platforms, with ready-to-use, customizable banner ads for promotion.

Speak to your audience in their language

Establish a global connection for your event by making your website available in multiple languages.

Improve your events

Assess your event's performance with easy-to-understand charts and statistics. Identify any shortcomings and overcome them.

Pick your price

Manage your events efficiently, without breaking the bank. Our pricing is structured to fit any large corporation, freelancer, small team, or agency.

Engage your attendees and leave a lasting impression.

Mobile event app for meaningful conversations

Attendees can be a part of the community, join discussions, and receive announcements on-the-go.

Custom experiences for each participant

Offer personalized agenda building updates to make your attendees feel that the event is just for them.

Interactive presentation tools for lively sessions

Speakers can engage attendees and invite participation through slide likes, comments and Q&A.