Zoho App Spotlight: Zoho Projects

While Zoho is mainly known for its CRM software, it also produces a host of apps that can help your business carry out a multitude of functions. So, every month we will feature one of the apps available with Zoho One.

We are starting out our Zoho App Spotlight with Zoho Projects, a project management app. It allows you to easily plan and collaborate on projects by keeping track of tasks and deadlines. Use it for simple day-to-day tasks or a complicated project with the options for milestones, tasklists, tasks, and subtasks.


Gantt charts: View the progress and details of your company’s tasks in a visual way.

Document Management: Attach the most updated versions of documents as your projects progress. 

Time Tracking: Employees can track how much time they logged on each task and keep all billable hours in one place.

Integrations: One of Zoho Projects’ major assets is its ability to integrate with popular programs like Slack, Github, Dropbox, and more.

Mobile App: Take all of your project tracking on the go with the mobile app.

If you want to use this powerful project management app along with dozens of apps designed to improve your workflow, Zoho One may be the product for you. With Zoho One, 40+ app easily integrate to help you do your books, grow sales, and more.