Wrong “From” e-mail address is being used by Paperless Office, Electronic Delivery for Sage 100


“From E-mail Address” is incorrect when Electronically Delivering forms using Paperless Office in Sage 100
Where can e-mail addresses used for the “From” field be set in Sage 100?


Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


  • The “From” e-mail address that is used when forms are sent via Paperless Office Electronic Delivery can be set from Form Maintenance as well as on-the-fly using the Electronic Delivery button from the various forms’ Printing task windows.
  • Some e-mail systems will allow multiple “From” e-mail addresses to be used based on one authenticating account (as set in Library Master, Main menu, Company Maintenance, E-mail tab). Others will not.
  • For some cases where the email address is changed on-the-fly, it is stored in the “..\MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_ReportOption.M4T” file. In some instances, this information needs to be manually cleared from the record in order to prevent the “From” email address from reappearing.


Verify the authenticating account or main e-mail address:

  1. Open Library Master, Main menu, Company Maintenance
  2. For Company Code, select the company code being used.
  3. Access the E-mail tab
  4. Verify the User ID holds the correct authenticating account or single e-mail address.
  5. Click Accept to commit changes.

Verify the form entry (or entries):

  1. Open Paperless Office, Setup menu, Form Maintenance.
  2. Click Form Entry (flashlight icon) button to see entries that exist.
  3. Select the entry that most specifically covers the area of concern.
  4. Access the Main tab
  5. For the From E-mail Address field, verify that the e-mail address is correct.
  6. Click Accept to commit changes.

Verify that on-the-fly settings are correct for each specific form (these will override settings in Form Maintenance):

  • Example: Sales Order, Invoice Printing:
    1. Open Sales Order, Main menu, Invoice Printing
      • Note: Do try to access via the Quick Print option from within S/O Invoice Printing
    2. For Form Code, select the affected form code using the lookup
    3. For Paperless Office Output, select “Electronically Deliver Only” from the dropdown list
    4. Click the Electronic Delivery (paperless icon) button to the right of the dropdown list to access the Electronic Delivery for Forms window
    5. For the From E-mail Address field, verify the e-mail address.
      • Note: In some cases, if you delete the address and save changes, then go back and find the original (wrong) address still in place, then follow the steps under “If the issue persists”.
    6. Print the Form to commit changes for the specific Form Code
    7. Repeat the above steps for any affected form code for Sales Order, Invoice Printing
    8. Verify the settings for all affected forms, such as:
      • Accounts Receivable, Period End menu, Statement Printing
      • Purchase Order, Main menu, Purchase Order Printing
      • Return Merchandise Authorization, Main menu, Customer RMA Printing
      • Sales Order, Main menu, Sales Order Printing

If the issue persists:

  1. Go to Library Master, Main, Data File Display and Maintenance
  2. Select the “..\MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_Company.M4T” File
  3. Using the Lookup, make note of the affected Company Code and corresponding Company Key
  4. Select the “..\MAS90\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_ReportOption.M4T” File
  5. Locate the affected record based on CompanyKey$, DocumentName$, and Form Code
  6. Once the affected record is selected, Edit the OptionsString$ Field (Field 5).
  7. Look for the BT_EMAIL$=”” area.
  8. Delete the incorrect email address from the string and leave blank spaces in its place
  9. Repeat the steps for verifying the on-the-fly settings (see above) to ensure the new Email address sticks

Note: Some e-mail systems will not allow multiple “From” e-mail addresses to be used based on one authenticating account (as set in Library Master, Main menu, Company Maintenance, E-mail tab). Some will return an error message, but others will continue to send the e-mail using the authenticated account. Other email systems may have a setting that cause e-mails to be sent from certain addresses other than the authenticating account, based on custom rules set – which would be outside of Sage 100 Customer Support’s scope of expertise.