Workflow and Notifications

Control your workflow, don’t let it control you.

Time is always of the essence in business. Ensuring that your workflow and schedule is organised and managed each day will mean you’re always on your toes and ready to take advantage of changing market conditions.

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A user makes an action

The view on Sage 300 is monitored

Evaluation Engine

Changes made to Sage 300 objects are first checked for workflows, then if the workflow criteria is evaluated as true, a workflow process is initiated.


Email notifications are sent out to notify of qualified changes occurring in Sage 300, or of workflow approvals that require attention.

Approval Management

Approval are managed throughout the workflow, approvals can be made in Sage 300

Validation & Update Engine

Once a workflow has completed, and the transactions has been fully approved, the Validation & Update Engine check for any conflicts from workflow parallelism. If none, it will commit the original users update to Sage 300.

The view on Sage 300 is changed

Batch-based Workflows

Batch-based workflows operate in a manner more appropriate to batch work. Users will create batch transactions as per normal including the batch checking; when the batch is requested to be set to Ready to Post, all transactions in the batch will then be evaluated for workflows.

If ensuing workflows are created, the batch assumes a new status of “Awaiting Approvals” and will be locked in this status until all of the issued workflows have completed.

Once all workflows have completed, the batch is ready for processing. In the case of AP Payments, any declined transactions can be removed from the batch, or optionally moved to a new batch in a similar manner to how error batches are created.