What is the Cost Roll-up Register for Bill of Materials in Sage 100?


What is the Cost Roll-Up Register for Bill of Materials?


Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


  • The Cost Roll-Up Register recalculates the cost of each Bill Number based on the cost of each component item and miscellaneous charge.
  • The cost of all component bills assigned to the selected parent bill is recalculated, regardless of the number of levels involved.
  • The Standard Cost for each Item Code is updated to Item Maintenance with the newly calculated cost after the report is updated..
  • You can select whether to update the cost of the selected parent bills or to update the cost of all component bills, regardless of the number of levels using the Update Intermediate Bills option.
  • Kit and option bills are not included in the cost calculation.
  • Only the current revision of base bills is updated.
  • The cost of each component item can be selected to use the Average CostLast Cost, or Standard Cost method.
  • Information provided on the register includes the bill number, description, revision (if applicable), calculated cost, old cost, and cost variance.
  • The Cost Roll-Up Register calculates costs based on the Bill of Materials components and miscellaneous charges only.
  • If the Work Order module is installed, and you want to use the labour and overhead costs established in Routing Maintenance in the cost calculation (instead of miscellaneous charges), use the Work Order Cost Roll-Up Register.
  • If cost roll-up is performed on inventory items using the Standard Cost option, the appropriate general ledger adjustments are posted to the inventory and adjustment accounts.
  • The amount of the adjustment for each item appears in the Extension column of the report.
  • This amount is calculated by multiplying the quantity-on-hand amount by the variance adjustment amount (old standard cost minus new standard cost).
  • The adjustment amount is debited to the Inventory Account and credited to the Manufacturing Variance Account. The actual account numbers used are specified in the Inventory Management Product Line Maintenance.
  • If there are postings to the general ledger for standard cost valuation items, you are prompted to print the Daily Transaction Register and update the general ledger entries posted from the Cost Roll-Up Register.

Additional information

As with any update, to avoid data corruption, do not under any circumstances, interrupt the update process.  If unsure of the results copy the production company code to a test company code and allow the process to complete in the test company code.  Then review the results in the test company code.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.