What do Item Maintenance columns: On Hand, On SO, On PO, On Bk Ord, Committed, On WO, Req for WO, Available, In Shipping, and On Hand Less Ship mean?


What are the column quantity values on the Main tab or Quantity tab of Item Maintenance in Sage 100?

What do the Item Maintenance columns: On HandOn SOOn POOn Bk Ord, CommittedOn WOReq for WOAvailableIn Shipping, and On Hand Less Ship mean?


  • On Hand – Quantity considered to be in stock in Inventory
  • On PO (On Purchase Order) – Quantity in open Standard purchase orders (but not Master Orders or Repeating Orders)
  • On SO (On Sales Order)
    • Quantity in open Standard and Back Order sales orders (but not Sales Quotes, Master Orders, or Repeating Orders), plus
    • Quantity in unposted 1-step invoices (invoices not linked to a sales order),
  • On Bk Ord (On Back Order) – The quantity on back order in sales orders
  • Committed – Appears on the Main tab, Quantity tab, and the Cost Detail tab;
    • When on the Main or Quantity Tabs it refers to Committed Quantities, like on SO or WO etc…
    • When on the Cost Detail Tab it refers to Distributed Quantities, like the quantity of specific Lot or Serial numbers committed in Sales Order invoices or shipping entries.
    • Note: If the Enable Lot/Serial Distribution check box is selected in Sales Order OptionsLine Entry tab, then this also includes specific Lot or Serial numbers committed in open Standard or Back Order sales orders.
  • On WO (On Work Order) – The quantity in open work orders for the item, if the Work Order module is integrated
  • Req for WO (Required for Work Order) – The quantity of the item required by open work orders that use the item as a component to make a parent item, if the Work Order module is integrated
  • Available – The quantity On Hand less the quantity Committed
  • In Shipping – The quantity entered for shipping in Sales Order invoices or shipping entries (regardless of whether the item is a Lot or Serial item or not)
  • On Hand Less Ship – The quantity On Hand less the quantity In Shipping