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Website Pipeline

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Streamline your business

At an ever increasing pace business is moving to the Internet and it is being driven by your customers’ expectations and demands. In addition, companies are finding that a strong web presence allows them to increase their customer base as well as increase sales through their current customers. Often this can be done at a lower cost because of efficiencies that can be built into the process of taking orders on the web and automatically bringing those orders into your in-house order fulfillment process. To capture these benefits you need a highly functional website that allows your customers to:
  • browse, search for, and find products,
  • place orders,
  • check order status,
  • view invoices,
  • track shipments,
  • update account information,
  • see their unique pricing and terms,
  • etc.
To complete the process, your site should integrate with your ERP financial software package. An ERP ecommerce website integrated with your ERP financial software is ready 24/7, 365 days a year to take orders and service your customers’ needs. Currently, Website Pipeline sites integrate with:

There are several important benefits to be gained from integrating your B2B/B2C ecommerce website with your ERP software:

Website is available 24/7

 The ERP ecommerce website is available and accessible by your customers 24/7, your customers can place orders at their convenience. The website can take orders even when your ERP system is offline. The orders are simply queued up and synced back to the ERP when the connection is re-established. There is no need to miss an order or inconvenience your customers.

Easier data access for your customers 

You can give your customers access to a great deal of valuable information 24/7. Accessing this information online allows your customers to see it when they need it without having to contact you to find it for them. With a full bi-directional integration the information can include order history, invoice history, shipment tracking, username and password management, and re-order capabilities.

Reduction in Order Entry Errors 

Manual re-keying of data is a major source of problems for a business. It can lead to increased employee costs to find and fix the problems, to angry customers, and potentially to losing business. Therefore, anything that can be done to eliminate manual re-keying is incredibly valuable. By integrating your website with your ERP you can eliminate the manual re-keying of data. The orders placed on the website are automatically transferred into your ERP in the proper format and with the correct information available for your in-house order process.

Better utilization of employee time

Allows your employees to focus on growing the business, increasing sales, and customer relationship building instead of manually re-keying data, chasing order information for customers, or answering questions that could be better answered on the website. With real time data synching between the eCommerce website and your ERP; you, your bottom line, and your customers will appreciate the benefits.