"User ID has not been assigned" message occurs after moving the database to a new server for Sage 300


If there are any customizations that refer to the old server, this may slow down the performance. It may be best to remove these customizations and update them to the new location.

After loading the company and system databases to a new machine, the following message is received when login using another user other than the Accpac ADMIN,

Invalid input. User ID has not been assigned.
Enter an existing user ID or ask your system administrator to add a new record for this user.

If login with ADMIN, all the existing Accpac users are missing in the Users icon and are not available to select or update. The Security Groups and User Authorizations are also missing and not available.


  1. Copy the Shared Data folder from the old server to the new location.
  2. Go into Database Setup.
  3. Edit the company and system databases. This will update the databases to include the new information from the Shared Data folders.