Created on 01-27-2016 | Last modified on 11-17-2020


User Defined Fields are not displayed in the defined order of User Define Table when the UDT is used as a validation. The lookup is in Alphabetical order by column names. 


Backup Warning

Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst. 


Use the following steps to define an order of UDF:

  1. Select the lookup button in the specific panel to be modified
  2. Click Lookup Wizard button
  3. Select Company & Users who will use this display
    • All Companies & All Users may be selected
  4. Modify order of UDFs by clicking the up/down buttons
  5. Close Lookup
  6. Open Lookup and new order will appear