How to Use Batch Processing in Sage 100


How to use batch processing.
How to move records to a new batch


Note: Records in a batch cannot be moved to another batch without deleting from one batch and entering in another batch.

How to set up and use batch processing for data entry modules.

  1. Open Modules, the module, and Setup. Click the module’s Options task. (For example, open ModulesAccounts ReceivableSetup, Accounts Receivable Options.)
  2. Click the Entry tab.
  3. In the Batch Processing area, select the Enable check box.
  4. In the Next Batch field, type the next batch number. Numeric and alphanumeric characters are accepted.
  5. Click Accept.

To use Batch Processing:

  1. Open Modules, the module, and Main, click the data entry task.
  2. If batch processing is in use, a batch window opens.
    • To create a new batch, click the Next Batch button, or type an unused batch number.
    • To modify an unposted batch, click the Batch Number lookup button, and select the batch.
  3. Type a comment if needed.
  4. Select the Private Batch check box if needed.
    Note: If a batch is private, only the operator who created the batch can view, print, or edit records in the batch.
  5. Click Accept.

For additional information on Batch Processing, see Help.

  1. On the Help menu, click Help Topics.
  2. In the keywords field, type batch entry
  3. Click List Topics.

Note:The following buttons are available on the batch window only if the associated rights are assigned in Role Maintenance. The applicable check boxes on the Module Options tab must be selected.

  • Modify
  • Renumber
  • Merge
  • Verify


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.