Are you looking to upgrade your QuickBooks Inventory?

Quickbooks is an excellent accounting software to start out with. As your company grows, you may need better inventory and report tracking. If you are in this situation, this would be a good time to look into an ERP system.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Basically, it’s an upgraded accounting system that does more than typical accounting software such as QuickBooks, PeachTree, FreshBooks, etc. An ERP system will bring your company together, from accounting, inventory, and operations. Information is shared and stored in one database.

ERP or Accounting Software

Most companies upgrade to ERP systems for real-time inventory tracking, advanced reporting, and more. Without an ERP system, companies that need advanced inventory controls use a 3rd party product to help track inventory. When the method is done, syncing multiple databases are required. Having multiple databases always leaves the door open to inconsistent or incorrect data.

Decision Time

When your company comes to this point, what are your options if you are already using accounting software? Add a 3rd party program to your accounting software or upgrade to an ERP system. Using an ERP system will have all the information in one database. There is no syncing of information. Data is real-time if the information is updated.

What we do

At Acute Data Systems, we deliver innovative and transparent information to increase business productivity and efficiency. We have helped many organizations plan and manage their ERP and CRM software. We have also helped several companies upgrade from an accounting software to an ERP system. We offer affordable and modern business solutions. We have On-Premise (Install on your Server) and SAAS (Hosted) solutions since each has their advantages and every company is different.

Our goal is to help identify and solve your business challenges by offering relevant business solutions. Our consulting services include; business process analysis, workflow optimization, planning and design, project management, and system configuration. We will work closely with you to obtain the greatest possible return on your investment. By working together, we can help you accomplish your goals.

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