Trust Accounting

The most powerful trust accounting solution on the market

Dingosoft Trust Accounting is the only mainstream ERP trust accounting solution on the market. Developed with the Sage 300 Software Development Kit, it is a true, fully integrated Sage 300 module with all the standard ERP features and functionality. So get rid of all those add-ons and small niche products because now everyone can use a true mainstream ERP accounting system with trust accounting functionality built in.
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Powerful Transaction Processing

Trust Accounting has four types of transactions: Receipts, Payments, Adjustment journals and Transfers between accounts. You can also enter a “Transaction Type” code on each transaction to allow you to classify tranactions further. Eg: a receipt might have a transaction type of “Rent Received” or “Key Deposit” or “Bond”. The transaction type also provides a default description for the transaction entry. Dingosoft Trust Accounting is a full Sage 300 module – just like the Sage 300 Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable modules. Unlike A/R or A/P though, you don’t enter the “Account” in the transaction header. T/A transactions are a bit like G/L entries in that the “Account No.” is entered on each detail line of the transaction. This allows you to split any transaction over multiple accounts. The Payee or Payor in the header can be selected from the contact database and could be anyone eg: a tenant or other party. All transactions have full Sage 300 functionality like bank and G/L integration, salesperson split, full multicurrency support, check (cheque), receipt and deposit slip printing, as well as EFT direct deposits with the optional Dingosoft Quick EFT module. Highly flexible setup with loads of options – like the ability to restrict transaction dates to the system date.

The ideal back-office solution for law firms, real estate or anyone that needs trust accounting

Dingosoft Trust Accounting is a Sage 300 ERP module which meets the needs of Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Real Estate Agencies or any other profession where clients funds are held in escrow and need to be accounted for. Trust Accounting provides a comprehensive multi-user, multi-currency Trust Ledger and handles receipts, payments, transfers and adjustments. Seamless integration with Sage 300 ERP Bank Services enables trust bank account reconciliation including importing of statements for automatic reconciliation.
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Powerful banking, reconciliation and EFT functionality

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Unlimited bank accounts, ledger accounts and account groups

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All transactions can be split over multiple accounts

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Prints receipts, cheques, statements and lots more

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Three-way reconciliation between trust ledger, cashbook and statement

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All standard Sage 300 functionality like multi-level security, Optional fields, import/export, VBA macros and lots more