Transactions tab in Item Maintenance or Item Inquiry is missing or not showing some or all transactions


Some or all records of item sales, purchases, transfers, or returns detail activity, etc. are missing from the Transactions Grid, on the Transactions tab of Item Maintenance or Item Inquiry in Sage 100.
Invoices may have included Drop Ship transactions for this item. Drop Ship sales will not show on the Transactions tab
Or the Transactions tab in Item Maintenance or Item Inquiry does not appear to show current period transactions, or it shows past period transactions instead of current period transactions.


  1. The Current Period and Year for the Inventory Management module have not been properly incremented via timely performance of Period End Processing procedures, so transactions from a past period are displaying
  2. Transactions from past periods are not expected to display by default on the Transactions tab, unless the Inventory Management Current Period and Year have not been incremented properly
  3. Records may have been purged.
  4. The Item was the parent of an exploded Kit, therefore the transactions are recorded for the component item.


5. The item code was included on an invoice or credit memo as a Drop Ship.


Note: The transaction detail for the default warehouse (or ALL warehouses, if that is selected) that displays in the Transactions Grid on the Transactions tab of Item Maintenance or Item Inquiry, is based on the Current Period as defined in Inventory Management Options. If Period End Processing has not been performed and Inventory Management is still considered to have a prior period open, then transactions for a past period will display.

Expand or refocus your Search:

  1. Open Modules, Inventory Management, Main menu, Item Maintenance
  2. On the Transactions tab, enter the specific Warehouse Code (or select the Switch To All Warehouses button if you suspect the transaction record may have been under another warehouse)
  3. If the transaction cannot be found (the default display is for the current period and year), click the Search (binoculars icon) button to widen or narrow the results by Transaction Type and Date Range.

Consider performing Period End Processing for Inventory Management to close past periods and get to the current period.
It is also possible that transaction history records have been purged, such as via the Reinitialize Data Files utility (not recommended) or the Purge Item History utility.

Note: Drop shipped items will not show on the Transactions tab, they are included in the Qty Sold column on the History tab and subsequent drill-down for Customer Sales.
However, credit memos for Drop Shipped items are included in the Qty Received column.