Track Budgeted vs. Actual Hours in Zoho Projects

Why Do You Need a Budget for Your Projects?

Whether you’re preparing a report for the CFO or for external stockholders and clients, tracking and comparing your budgeted vs. actual hours in Zoho Projects is a great way to show that you are meeting your company’s goals, and offering incredible value to clients.

A project budget is a great way to gauge if your team is meeting its goals, or if there are areas where your team can improve. Zoho Projects offers a robust task management solution for growing teams.

What is Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is a popular cloud-based project management software that is jam-packed with options to record and track your employees’ work and hours.

Start Tracking Your Budgeted vs. Actual Hours in Zoho Projects

Need help comparing your budgeted hours to actual hours in Zoho Projects? Learn how to track budgeted versus actual hours in Zoho Projects with our easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial:
  1. First, log into Zoho Projects.
  2. Next, select Projects from the left sidebar.
  3. Then, select New Project in the top right corner.
  4. Next, enter in your Project Title  
  5. Scroll down to Project Hours and select the dropdown menu. You have several options to choose from.  
  6. Then, select from the Project Budget dropdown. This option allows you to bill the client based on projected total hours to complete a project. For example, if you provide a client with a quote of 20 to 25 hours, you can enter the details as follows:
    1. Currency: Choose your currency
    2. Project Budget: Based on Project Hours
    3. Budget Hours: 25
  7.  Next, Click Add in the top left corner on the Tasks page to add a new project.
  8. After adding a task, refresh the page to see your updated Task list.
  9. Then, click on one of the tasks and begin editing.
  10. Next, to log hours in a task, scroll down on the individual Task window > Log Hours > Add Time Log.  
  11. Remember that this project has 25 budgeted total project hours. Let’s enter a time log for 12 hours.
  12. If you’ve successfully entered the actual  hours, you’ll see them appear on the individual task page:
  13. Next, in this example, the hours are entered as follows:
    1. January 8th – 12 hours on Task 3
    2. January 11th – 12 hours on Task 2
    3. January 11th – 12 hours on Task 1
    4. = Total of 36 hours completed on this project
    5. This exceeds the 25 budgeted hours for the project
  14. Finally, on the page for the individual project, you can view all the hours entered for each task by scrolling to the right.
  15.  To review your project and see Budgeted vs. Actual Hours, click on Projects in the left sidebar and scroll to the right.
  16. If you do not see your actual hours, you may have to wait a few hours for Zoho Projects to update. By default, Zoho Projects updates your project budget once every 6 hours. If you’d like to decrease this time frame, please follow the steps below:

Recommended: Turn On and Change Your Budget Notifications

Recommended: Turn on Budget Settings by click on the Setup icon in the top right corner.

First, navigate to Project & Budget in the left sidebar > Budget Settings tab, and modify settings to your preference.

If you’d like more frequent budget auto updates, change the Budget Auto Update Frequency to the highest frequency, every 3 hours.