Top Reasons to Use Zoho CRM

Businesses everywhere are improving their client relationships with the help of a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM). You may know the benefits of getting a CRM but don’t know where to start. With Zoho CRM, you get a full-featured CRM at a low price, making it a perfect way to start using a CRM in your company. Here are the top reasons to start using Zoho CRM.

  1. Price: A big selling point on Zoho CRM is its price. With the ability to use a free version, you can take advantage of limited features of the product without any risk. That being said, it is worth it to use the higher tier plans, as they cost less than many of their competitors. Choosing Zoho CRM means you get more features for less money.
  2. Integration: If you know anything about Zoho, you know that CRM is not its only specialty. Its large suite of apps intuitively integrate with Zoho CRM. While most CRMs have integrations, the ease of using apps from the same company cannot be matched. If you choose to purchase Zoho One, you can get 40+ of these apps in one bundled price.
  3. Social features: Zoho includes multiple social features and marketing automation. An integration with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter means that you can see your contacts and leads on social media. Zoho CRM additionally allows you to track when your leads mention you on Facebook or Twitter. The ability to leave comments on accounts allows salespeople in different locations to easily communicate with each other.
  4. Workflow automation: Programming your CRM to carry out certain tasks and manage your workflow takes a great deal off your mind. Zoho CRM features the ability to set which cases have priority and automatically assigns leads per your requirements.

We know that finding the right CRM for your business can boost your sales team. Zoho CRM’s added features for less money make it a great choice for a CRM solution. The company’s suite of apps pushes Zoho CRM further over the top. As Zoho partners, we can provide the support you need to make the switch.