Manage Your Workforce With Online Time Tracking Software

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Hourly Time Clock

Time Tracking in the Cloud

• Punch in with just one click, all from one simple screen.

Time Clock Activity in Real-Time

• See who’s clocked in right from the Dashboard. Review real-time totals on the timesheet.

Payroll Reports & Quickbooks Integration

• Run reports at the end of the payroll period. Timesheets also integrate with Quickbooks and offer exports for popular payroll software like ADP.

Project Time

Flexible Data Entry Options

• Track project time and expenses from their desks or on-the-go, using any internet-enabled device.

Supervisor Approvals

• Supervisors can resolve user-initiated edit requests on employee timesheets prior to billing or other processing.

Audit Capabilities

• Track every change to every record in a comprehensive, easily accessible audit trail.

Human Resources

Training Materials

• In case employees need a little help, short training videos and documents are available.

Employee File Upload

• Keep all employee files in one place. Store employment applications and any other employee-related documents in private employee files.

Customize Supervisor Settings

• Setup supervisors with a variety of possible permissions. Allow or restrict access to editing timesheets, settings, and many more.

Time Off & Accruals

Configurable Accrual Categories and Rates

• Customize accrual time off categories like vacation and sick time.

Real-Time Reporting

• Runtime off reports for any leave category, for example, sick or vacation time. Run custom reports to compare how much time off employees take.

Time Off Calendar

• Spot leave conflicts and approve or deny them right from the calendar screen. View the leave schedule by week, month, and even year.

Mobile Solutions

Create Mobile Restrictions

• If you don’t want employees to clock in on their phones, you can track IP addresses instead.

Mobile Expense Tracking

• Employees are able to enter their expenses in real time while they are on the road so they won’t lose receipts or forget important details.

Benefits of the Mobile Site

• You don’t have to install any software, battery life is not compromised by the app, and much more.