Sage 100 Integration

Enter time/expense data into your Sage 100 (MAS 90 or MAS 200) software using the Timekeeper module, the platform-independent Timekeeper Entry application, or online via Timekeeper Worksheet.

Timekeeper can be integrated with several Sage 100 modules, including Accounts Receivable, Job Cost, Payroll, Sales Order, Time and Billing, and Time and Billing Professional, giving your employees the tools they need to achieve a quick, accurate, and comprehensive accounting of their time and expenses, wherever they are – whether they are sitting at their desk or out in the field. If your company bills clients for services based on employee time spent on projects and activities, you know how important it is for employees to maintain up-to-date and detailed time/expense records.

Job Cost

Time entry data is posted to the J/C Job Posting Entry feature, allowing your company to accurately determine the cost of a project. If the Accounts Receivable module is integrated with the Job Cost module and the Job Cost module is integrated with the Accounts Receivable module, you can set Timekeeper data to be available in both modules. As a result, time entries will be posted to A/R Invoice Data Entry with Job Cost data.


Post time entry data to the Payroll Data Entry feature, allowing your company to print accurate payroll checks. You can integrate Timekeeper with any of the other modules and with the Payroll module. The Timekeeper module will post time entries to the other integrated module and to Payroll. If you integrate Timekeeper with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Receivable with Job Cost, Sales Order, Time and Billing (or Time and Billing Professional) and Payroll, you can also include Job Cost data when Timekeeper posts time entries to Payroll.

Sales Order

When the Timekeeper module is integrated with the Sales Order module, time entry data is posted to the S/O Invoice Data Entry feature, allowing your company to create accurate sales invoices.

Time and Billing

Allow your company to create accurate billing invoices for time-based projects by posting time entry data to the Time/Expense Entry feature with Timekeeper.