Time and Billing

Time and billing software allows you to accurately track time spent working for your customers and create invoices based on the work you have provided. Time and billing are one of the most critical accounting applications for companies providing professional services. 

Client satisfaction and profitability are essential to the success of any professional services company. Achieving these goals often depends on the ability to track billable time efficiently and accurately. With time and billing software, you can avoid guessing how many hours you actually spend on a project by logging your time into the system as you progress through your work. You can also provide your clients with automated, professional-looking reports on the details of their projects. These reports are saved in your system, and your project information will be right at your fingertips in case of client questions. When customers choose service providers, they’re looking for responsibility and accountability. Carefully documented time to track free of errors and estimates can be an invaluable method of reinforcing the message that your firm delivers on that promise.

Time and Billing Solutions