Tax Conversion

Save time and reduce opportunities for error during a tax conversion.

TaiRox Tax Converter Screen

Targeted for Canadian HST conversions, but not restricted to HST, it is a general purpose tax conversion program that can be used in any country.

TaiRox Tax Converter Screen

What it Does

Tax Converter will perform one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many changes to Tax Authorities within a Tax Group. A typical HST scenario would involve combining the GST and PST Tax Authorities into an HST Authority. This would take place in a tax group such as ONTAX or BCTAX.

Tax Class changes can also be done if required by the new tax regulations. In the HST scenario, these adjustments may be required special tax exclusions.

Before Tax Conversion: Time Consuming, Error Prone

HST / PST / GST Conversion in Sage 300 is not as simple as changing a tax rate. Manually changing Tax Groups on dozens or hundreds of customers, vendors, items, item prices and related entities is time consuming and subject to entry error. Using the Import/Export capabilities in Sage 300 and manipulating spreadsheets may save some time, but involves steps and formulas which are also subject to error.


After Tax Conversion

A complete log of changes is kept, insuring no data loss.

​Uses Sage 300 business objects, insuring the consistency of resulting data