Task Window Does not Appear when New Task is Started or Sage 100 Standard Desktop is Unresponsive or Freezes


Task Window


When new tasks are launched on one workstation, the task does not appear

Sage 100c Standard Desktop is unresponsive or freezes

Example: Selecting Print did not show Print Options and selecting Company Maintenance never display Company Maintenance.

  • The task window does not appear and is not minimized
  • When Checking Windows Task Manager, additional PVXWIN32 processes may be running
  • Master Console will show the task as if open
  • Attempting to close Sage 100 desktop will display message that tasks are still open
  • Display may appear to flash, flicker, freeze, or hang.


Sage 100 Workstation is corrupted. Running Sage 100C on secondary monitor may cause this issue.

If printing tasks are problem, may be problem with the ODBC connection created during workstation install.

For Sage 100C with Standard desktop selected, the task may jump to an unreachable area


  1. Restart the workstation

If running Sage 100C:

  1. Open Task Manager on workstation and close all pvxwin32.exe tasks
  2. Re-open Sage 100C in Classic Desktop View
  3. If using multiple monitors and Standard Desktop View is desired, Run Sage 100C on primary monitor
    • Note: Sage 100C Standard Desktop View issue is resolved with Sage 100 2017 PU1 and 2016 PU5

If issue persists and not running Sage 100C:

  1. Uninstall the Sage 100 Workstation
  2. Reinstall the Sage 100 Workstation

See Related Resources for more information on installing Sage 100 Workstation.

If running on Sage 100 Advanced or Premium, enable Spawn Tasks from Application Server for all users having this problem:

  1. Open Library Master, Main, User Maintenance
  2. Select Preferences tab and enable the option: Spawn Tasks from Application Server.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.