TaiRox CRM

For Sage 300

Customer Relationship Management for Sage 300 by TaiRox

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What is TaiRox CRM?

TaiRox CRM provides sales, support features, integrated into the Sage 300 desktop and stored in a Sage 300 company database. There is no complicated licensing scheme.

Why use TaiRox CRM?

Key Features

Asses Sales Performance

Display the sales pipeline in source currency or functional currency using Sage 300 exchange rates. Display charts in fiscal periods or fiscal quarters as well as by week or month. View a Sales Activity Report to see the opportunities, quotes, orders and communications that salespeople have entered in a user-supplied time period.

Audit Trail

See every change to every field for every opportunity and case.


 Store links to a contact’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media pages. See up-to-date data maintained by the contacts themselves.


The dashboard shows a concise list organized by revisit date. Assign salespeople to mutiple Sage 300 customer territories and the dashboard entries will be filtered by territory

No Data Loss

All CRM company data is field-level identical to A/R customer data – that includes sortable, searchable optional fields that are displayed in company grids.

Opportunities to Quotes/Orders

Launch the Sage 300 order entry window directly from CRM to create a new quote or order from an opportunity. Link any number of existing Sage 300 quotes and orders to an opportunity.

Searches like a Search Engine

The resulting data is one click away.

Special Opportunities

Copy a recurring opportunity with a few mouse clicks. Create an opportunity for multiple customers in a single step.