Tairox CRM

General Features

  •  Track opportunities and create dozens of Excel charts to assess future sales and past performance.
  • Track prospect companies and promote to Sage 300 A/R customers when sales close.
  • Track contacts and link to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social media pages.
  • Track communications with contacts. Group contacts. Send bulk email to MailChimp and Swiftpage.
  • See every change to every entity. Know who has made each change, and when.
  •  A key design goal: The information you want to see is always one click away.
  • Attach network documents, internet documents and URLs to any entity. Launch with one click.
  • See lightning-fast customer aging on-screen, with both customer and document views.
  • Create collection, support and other cases and manage by revisit date, priority and severity.
  • View cases and opportunities on a date-centric dashboard, by day, week or month.
  • Attach notes to cases, companies, contacts and opportunities.
  • Send statements, letters, and invoices to multiple contacts per customer, and store all emails.
  • Resend A/R and O/E invoices, etc. to multiple contacts, keeping a perfect email record.

How Tairox CRM Relates to Sage 300

  • Promote prospects to A/R with no data loss or truncation. Data is field-level compatible with A/R.
  • Display the sales pipeline in source currency or functional currency using Sage 300 exchange rates.
  • Display charts in fiscal periods or fiscal quarters as well as by week or month.
  • Assign salespeople to multiple Sage 300 customer territories.
  • Link quotes and orders created with Sage 300 Order Entry to opportunities.
  • Launch the order entry window directly from CRM to create a new quote or order.
  • Age customers using the same calculations as Sage 300 A/R, and create cases on the spot.
  • Use Optional Fields to extend functionality like any other Sage 300 module.
  • DBDump and DBLoad all data just like any other Sage 300 SDK module.
  • Use Sage 300 LanPaks for multiuser licensing scheme.
  • CRM screens behave as any Sage 300 user would expect.

Additional Resources