Error: “Please start integration engine to exchange data with CRM”


Sage 100 2015 (retired)


North America


Error: “Please start integration engine to exchange data with CRM”

Please see Related Resources for other causes of this error and related errors.


A stand alone version of CRM has been installed. Sage 100 is looking for an integrated version of Sage CRM. Verify that the version of CRM that was downloaded from the Sage 100 product listing and not Sage CRM.

The Sage 100 Integration Engine is not the correct one for the current Sage 100 and CRM install. The common components folder has been replaced or has incorrect contents.


Standalone version of CRM

  1.  Browse out to the Customer Relationship Management, CRM Server Options and click the [Load Sage CRM Data] button to verify the link between Sage 100 and CRM is active
  2. Launch Windows Services Panel using the [Services.msc] command and verify that the Sage 100 ERP Integration engine has been installed
  3. Use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio to pull up the CRM Database and look for the dbo.MAS_CRMServerOptions listing

Note: If the MAS_CRMServeroptions database object does not exist then it is likely that a stand alone version of CRM is being used

Example Tables: dbo.MAS_Company, dbo.MAS_CRMServerOptions

Incorrect Sage 100 Integration Engine

  • Browse to the c:\Program Files\Common Files\Sage\Common Components folder and check the date on the IntegrationEngine.exe file (does the date match the current version? you may need to check a working installation).
    •  For example, Sage 100 2015 should have integration engine dated approximately 12/5/2014 (December 5th, 2014), if the file is dated 2013 then this is wrong integration engine program.
  •  On a 64-bit machine the folder would be c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage\Common Components