Sage 100: “SQL is not enabled” connecting to Sage Premium ERP


Sage 100


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Message: “SQL is not enabled” when logging into Sage ERP Premium


Sage Premium uses MAS_User, a SQL user account, to connect to the SQL Server’s databases. This user account is mapped to MAS_XXX and MAS_System databases and is created during installation phase. Also a random password is also created at that time.
This message “SQL is not enabled” occurs when the “MAS_User” on the SQL server cannot connect the databases. This happens if the user or the password are not synchronized between the application and the SQL server.
Typically this happens after one of the following:

  1. After a new installation of Sage Premium and these objects where not created properly.
  2. Restoring database (s) from back up. And the MAS_User needs to be remapped
  3.  Restoring database (s) from another server. And the MAS_User needs to be remapped

The function of keeping “SQL Users and passwords” in sync is managed by a System Administrator



To map MAS_User to the databases

  1. From SQL Server Management Studio map the SQL login “MAS_USER” to MAS_XXX and MAS_System databases.
  2. Select the DatabaseFiles > Owner and browse to MAS_User and select and OK

1. Verify the following:

  1.  In SQL Server Management Studio, under Security, expand Logins
  2.  Right click on MAS_User and select Properties
  3.  Click on the Status, then on the right side under Login, verify “Enabled” is selected
  4. Repeat steps for MAS_Reports

To synchronize the MAS_User’s password from the application to the SQL server.
1. From the Application server
2. Select Start > All Programs > Sage > Sage 100 Premium ERP SQL Settings
3. The “Update SQL Server” check box should be used to update the server name (do not use (LOCAL)\database name)
4. Select Edit and update the MAS_USER and MAS_REPORTS passwords
5. Will be prompted for the sa and sa password

  • Settings are written to the MAS90\Home\MASSQL.Settings file
  • Password should be updated even though “Test Connection” works OK
  • If the database server name has changed this can be corrected by changing the name of the “Database Server”.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.