SOS Inventory Features

Affordable options with an extensive feature set.

Monthly Fee$39.95$79.95$119.95
Users Included235
Additional Users$15 each$15 each$15 each
Document ManagementXXX
Number of Items/SKUsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Enhanced Alerts and In-App NotificationsXXX
Add Logo to FormsXXX
Add Custom Headers/Footers to FormsXXX
Create Your Own Numbering System for POs, Invoices, etc.XXX
Mobile Support (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.)XXX
Native iPhone/iPad AppXXX
Bulk Add/Edit/Delete for Items, Customers, Vendors (dependent on plan)XXX
Bulk Add/Edit/Delete for Price Tiers and BOMs (dependent on plan)XXX
Customizable Form TemplatesXXX
Upload for Sales Orders and Sales Receipts XXX
Custom Fields13Unlimited
Flag/Star Objects on ListsXXX
Calendar OverviewXXX
Customizable DashboardXXX
Flexible Edit Pages with Insert/Reorder/Copy LinesXXX
Tutorial Videos and How to GuidesXXX
Reconciliation of Journal EntriesXXX
Prioritize TransactionsXXX
Transaction StagingXXX
Customer Portal  X
Integration with Quickbooks Online
Transaction-Level IntegrationXXX
Automatic SynchronizationsXXX
Manual SynchronizationsXXX
Class TrackingXXX
Property TrackingXXX
Sales TaxesXXX
Global Taxes (e.g GST, VAT)XXX
Enter Orders in QuickBooks Online or in SOSXXX
Retrieve Orders Entered with QuickBooks Online Mobile AppXXX
Sync of Custom FieldsXXX
Purchase OrdersXXX
Generate POs Based on Stock LevelsXXX
Item ReceiptsXXX
Partial ReceivingXXX
Receive Multiple POs from Same Vendor on One Item ReceiptXXX
Blanket POsXXX
Multiple Vendors Per Item XX
Return to Vendors XX
Kits (Item Groups)XXX
Item AnalysisXXX
Cycle CountingXXX
Inventory AdjustmentsXXX
Picture of ItemsXXX
Serial Numbers (Serialized Inventory) XX
Lot Numbers (Batches) XX
Bin Tracking XX
Barcoding in Multiple Formats XX
Units of Measure on All Transactions XX
Inventory Transfers with Shipping XX
Item Variants XX
Calculate Reorder Points Based on Historical Data  X
Landed Costs   X
Backorder ManagementXXX
Packing SlipsXXX
Bills of LandingXXX
Partial ShipmentsXXX
Ship Multiple Sales Orders for Same CustomerXXX
Drop ShipmentsXXX
UPS Shipping IntegrationXXX
Pick Tickets XX
Sales OrdersXXX
Merge Multiple Invoices for Same CustomerXXX
Sales ReceiptsXXX
Sales Reps Restricted to Customer/SalesXXX
Commission ReportsXXX
Note System for Customer Service RepsXXX
Credit MemosXXX
Credit Hold on CustomersXXX
Sub-Customers with Parent BillingXXX
Number of External Connections ($25/each additional connection)123
Shipstation IntegrationXXX
Rentals and Consignments XX
Contract Pricing XX
Price Levels XX
“Cost Plus” Pricing XX
BOM LevelsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Auto-Build on ShipmentXXX
Contract Manufacturing XX
Job Tracking  X
Job Cost Accounting  X
Work Orders  X
Work Centers  X
Work-in-Progress (WIP)  X
Process Manufacturing  X
Variable-Yield Manufacturing  X
Labor Tracking  X
Overhead (e.g., Indirect Labor)  X
Email SupportXXX
Phone Support XX
Priority Support  X

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