How to Share a Folder with Internal Users in Zoho WorkDrive

Learn how to share a folder with your teammates and other internal users in Zoho WorkDrive with our quick tutorial:
  1. First, log into Zoho WorkDrive
  2. Optional: If you don’t have a folder to share, create one by going to My Folders in the left navbar > Select New > Select Folder 
  3. Next, enter the folder name. In this example, the folder will be named “Accounting SOPs”.
  4. Then select the folder you wish to share
  5. Optional: Select New to create a new file to share
  6. In this example, we’ll be creating a new blank Zoho Sheet to share. Select Zoho Sheet > Blank Spreadsheet.
  7. Next, click on Share > Share
  8. Start typing into the search bar and select the user(s) to grant folder access to
  9. Change the access level. By default, the access level is Edit.
  10. Finally, select Share
  11. If the share was successful, you will see the new user added, as well as their access level.
  12. When the Test 1 user logs in, they can see the newly shared folder. It can take a few minutes for shared folders to sync.
  13. Now you know how to share a folder with your teammates in Zoho WorkDrive. Happy collaborating!