Make scheduling appointments simple.

Organize your business with 24/7 automated online booking, reminders, payments, and more.

What is Setmore?

Setmore lets you book appointments with your customers online. It can be used for stylists who need to schedule haircuts or for handymen who need to schedule on-site home repair. Setmore is used across many different industries to easily book appointments.

 Your Setmore account includes:

  • Calendar
  • Booking Page
  • Notifications
  • Staff Profiles

The Calendar

Every Setmore account includes access to a Calendar. This is where you’ll book appointments. Each staff member gets their own calendar, and you can tab through to see each one.  The Free version of Setmore supports up to 20 staff calendars, which you can exceed with a Premium subscription.

Premium subscriptions also include complexity-free syncing between Google, Outlook, or Office 365.


The Booking Page

The Booking Page is a public facing web-page that lists your services, staff, availability, and contact info. You can also upload your business logo and add a google Maps pin.


Setmore automatically sends out an email alert to both your team member and your customer for any new, rescheduled, or cancelled appointment. You can also send reminder emails to staff and customers before their next appointment. 

Text Reminders

With Setmore Premium, you can also send out automated text reminders to customers. These have a  much higher open rate than emails and will do a better job of reducing your no-shows. 

Staff Profiles

Each member has their own staff profile, which allows you to control their availability by setting up working hours, breaks, and time off

You can also enable a staff login for a team member, which will give them controlled access to your Setmore account

Live Reception

Setmore also has the option of upgrading to live bookings. You’ll get all the Setmore Premium features, plus a team of live receptionists to help your callers book appointments with your business.


Get Started with a Setmore (free) account. Upgrade to Premium or Live Bookings for more features and access.


  • Start with 1-4 staff logins and calendars
  • Notify clients with automated emails
  • Public-facing Booking page
  • Get paid online with Square

Setmore Premium

  • Scale up with 20 staff logins and calendars
  • Recurring appointments
  • Reduce no-shows with text reminders
  • Get paid online with Stripe

Live Bookings

  • Live answer in the name of your business
  • Expert receptionists with years of experience
  • Book customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Includes all Setmore Premium features